Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tim's Little Helpers

Tim and I were able to go to Branson a few weeks ago and when we were there he was going to go and get firewood for Mom and Dad. Nolan and Cy decided they were going to help him. As you can see with this first picture they had a little bit of fun with their work. After they were finished they volunteered Tim to pull them around in what they had used to bring in the wood. I think Tim was having just as much fun as they were.

Here's Cy walking behind Tim and Nolan carrying his own piece of firewood. As you can see it's huge! :)

Nolan was a big help handing Tim the wood. I was surprised with how much he could actually lift.

It was a team effort. Way to go boys!
This was what Cy did most of the time. The pieces were a bit to heavy for him, but he lifted what he could. Mostly he just tromped around.
Here's Nolan getting all excited to go get the wood.
I love this picture of the boys all dressed and ready to get the wood. They all have cheezy grins.
Okay, so Maya didn't help, but I had to put this picture in cause she's just so adorable!

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