Sunday, February 21, 2010

Frisbee Golf Pros...That's Us!

Well, I am not really a pro, Tim isn't either I guess, but we sure had a lot of fun throwing the frisbees and trying to get them to go the right direction. The hardest part was that they kept wanting to curve and then we would end up searching for them in the woods. Not Tim's really, but mine. :) A couple of times we had to fish mine out of the creek nearby. It wasn't all that bad though because the water was down. Good thing. We were able to bring Lucky along and she had a great time running around and sniffing everything. What a good hunting dog she'd make...okay, maybe not, but it was funny watching her jump around and play. Then, towards the end of our game I squatted down to pet her. Not a good idea with a pair of jeans that are old and well worn. When I say well worn I mean WELL worn! They tore right on the seat of them. Yikes! Fortunately it was cool enough outside that I had decided to wear pants underneath my jeans for some extra warmth. So much for the extra warmth.

Look at him go! He's pretty good at it...a great teacher too!

I think I look a little on the girlie's a good thing I am a girl! ;)

I just couldn't resist his charm.

My handsome prince and our hunting hound going for a run.

Oops! Thank goodness for wearing two pairs of pants!


  1. What, you blog? I never would have expected that. This is what Adrian should do instead of the smiley boxes (which are cool, too).