Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Visit to Branson and a New Arrival!

What could be more exciting than getting a new niece? Being able to be there when she's born! Tim and I were able to go to Branson this last weekend and because he didn't have to work until Tuesday we decided to stay until Monday night. Adrian was due on the 12th which was on Sunday of last weekend, but she still hadn't had the baby. I was hoping that she would have her on Friday night when Tim and I came, but still nothing. By Sunday, I was beginning to think that we would be gone before the time came. Lo and behold on Sunday night while we were playing a game of hand and foot at around 10:30 Adrian, who was sitting on the floor on a huge pillow, started laughing and her water broke soaking the pillow clear through to the floor. The crazy thing was that she hadn't even had any contractions yet. We made it to the hospital by around 12:00am and at 5:14am Maya Reagan was born. Talk about a beautiful baby. I know I might be a little prejudice, but she is perfect. Just to prove it I took pictures. You can see for yourself!

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