Thursday, October 29, 2009

Talk about Lucky!

We're back in KC! It's so nice to be back. What's even nicer than that is that we have a new little friend. Her name is Lucky. She's not a puppy, but she sure looks like one. She's actually 4 years old and will be five in February (on Valentine's Day). She's really cute too. She's keeps me company when Tim's gone at work and has pretty much become my little shadow. We've had tons of fun taking her on walks and apparently she has too because when we take her out to go to the bathroom she always tries to convince us to take her on a walk by tugging on the leash. She's lots of fun.

I just love the bow in her hair. It makes me smile! :)

Isn't that just the cutest little face!? Her fall photo shoot. :)


  1. Adorable. The boys love her. :) And I love the little bow in her hair. :) LOVE YOU!!!