Thursday, January 20, 2011

Just a Little Longer!

Tuesday and Wednesday Sarah and Gemma came up because Sarah had an eye appointment. It worked out just perfectly because they were able to go with Tim and me to my doctor's appointment and I had a sonogram so she was able to see our little baby girl! It was fun to kind of see what it will be like in a few months when our little one is here. I know one thing for sure, Tim enjoyed holding Gemma so much I can't imagine how much more he'll enjoy holding our own.

I took a few pictures, then Tim asked me to stop because he said that everytime she was getting ready to give him a huge grin the camera would flash. Oops! My bad, I just couldn't help myself!

This is an older picture of her, but I love it so I thought I would show her off a little. If you can't tell, she is sucking on her hand in this one.
I know this picture doesn't look like much, but it is showing off all of her hair! Yes, our precious little girl has hair! Before the sonogram I was dying to know if she had hair or not. The funny thing is that now that I know she has hair I am just as anxious to know what color it is! :) I guess I'll just have to wait a few more weeks. It's hard to explain where the hair is, but it's the patch of white almost in the middle of the screen. Either way, it's there.
Here I am at thirty four weeks. I'm feeling a bit on the large size, but I know she's got more growing to do so I'm bracing myself for it. :) I haven't started waddling yet, and I'm hoping I won't get to that part.

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