Wednesday, July 13, 2011

favorite things

                    There are so many FUN and NEW THINGS to discover!
                                       it's amazing how GOOD
                                            fingers taste!

                                          my DAD is the best reader
                                                 in the WORLD!

                                   Hmmmmm... what ELSE do I like?...

                                       as silly as it may SOUND i
                        have a LOT of fun when mom changes my DIAPER
                                        and makes me LAUGH

                          probably my MOST FAVORITE things has to be
                                          my JOHNNY JUMP UP!
                             i like it so much that if MOM would
                                         let me i would SLEEP
                                                    in it.
                                   sometimes i will stick my HANDS out the
                                                     LEG holes.

                                  it's a WHOLE lot easier than trying to lift
                                               my ARMS over the TOP.

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