Monday, August 31, 2009

Climb Every Mountain...

This Friday began just like any other day, but as the day progressed excitement flaired until I was unable to contain it. The knowledge that Sarah and Eric were on their way to visit made me very thin on patience waiting for the time they would arrive. But time was not on my side. It was not until 11:00pm that they decided to make their entrance. Waiting on baited breath for them to drive up I went outside to meet them. Finally, they were here. Because of the excitement of the evening, we didn't make it to bed until late into the night. That didn't stop the boys. They were up bright and early and off to play disc golf at around 7:15am. Sarah and I being the ladies of leisure that we are waited until 8:00am to get up and head over to a fabric store to check out the goods. After seeing what we could see and buying what we could buy, we headed for home. Full of energy and enthusiasum we couldn't just sit around the whole day, so we packed up and headed for the mountains (the Witchita Mountains that is). The one and a half hour drive was of little consequence to us as we neared the sights of the towering rocks ahead. We knew there was a challenge ahead of us and we were ready to take it on. It wasn't long before we spotted little prairie dogs skittering along beside the road at Prairie Dog Crossing. Our curiosity got the best of us and we stopped to watch the little rodents scurry around. Their friendliness was a pleasant surprise. It wasn't long and we were continuing on our way to begin our hike up the mountains. It was not an easy hike, but hard and treacherous filled with peril and danger. Not allowing that to detour us we pressed on. Over boulders and up and down steep inclines we travelled stopping now and then to enjoy the sights despite the difficulties. Discovering territories that had never been touched by human hands we were filled with excitement and wonder. Taking one step at a time we finally reached our destination. A hidden cavern under the miles of boulders was there to greet us and offer us a place to sit and cool off in their shade. Being the adventure seekers that we are we weren't able to just stay sitting there. Despite being beyond exhausted we began our exploration inside the fathomless cave. It wasn't long before unbeknownst us Eric had awoken an angry bat which flittered around unhappily. Things were a bit sketchy for a while there, but we got out without a scratch. Sarah and I decided that our duty was to hold down the fort while the guys treked on to discover more secrets of the cavern. Their skill was much needed for the jump across the insurmountable chasm and they were able to make it back to us. Knowing we needed to make it back before dark we began to head back. Knowing what was to come made the perils of the way back easier to face. We were less than half way back when we decided to deviate from our initial trail. As we continued in our new direction we were forced to pass through a field of boulders. Jumping from boulder to boulder it became obvious to us that one false step could be detrimental. Making it past the boulder field we knew we could face anything. The rest of the journey passed without consequence and we made it back in one piece. All of the effort that we used in our hike through the mountains gave us an enormous appetite. We decided that we had to have nourishment. After a delicious dinner which we all enjoyed and Eric gorged himself, we were all ready for an evening of relaxation. Falling asleep to a good old movie was the perfect ending to a great day. Then Sunday rolled around and because all good things must come to an end Sarah and Eric had to leave us after a lovely lunch. We were sad to see them go, but glad for the time we were able to spend together. What a wonderful weekend.

Sarah and I holding down the fort.

What a cute couple! :)

Getting ready to go hiking.

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